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  • The Imitation Game

    During World War II, mathematician Alan Turing tries to crack the enigma code with help from fellow mathematicians.

  • Boiler Room

    A college dropout gets a job as a broker for a suburban investment firm, which puts him on the fast track to success, but the job might not be as legitimate as it sounds.

  • Viaggio Sola

    “Viaggio Sola”, or “I Travel Alone” reveals the splendor and glamour of the most exclusive hotels worldwide together with the dedication and attention to detail needed to create such a hotel prestige.

  • I’m All Right Jack

    The film, based on the “private Life” novel by Alan Kackney, is a satire of the British industrial life particularly during the 1950s. Mainly, everyone implicated in the working sector, from bosses to trade unions to workers, are seen as either corrupt or incompetent.

  • The Social Network

    Facebook was born as a database for students at the same college. Since then it has become the single, most powerful social media tool we know. This is the story of what lies behind the creation of Facebook and its father, Mark Zuckerberg, from the lawsuit he underwent to the exclusion of cofounder.

  • Draft Day

    Draft Day is a sports-related drama which focuses on the general manager of Cleveland Browns and his struggle surrounding what decisions to take after his team gets the number one draft pick within the forth-coming NFL games.

  • The Damned United

    It was 1973 and Brian Cloughs was manager of the champion Leeds Unites soccer team. Forty-four years later, Coughs was a man of the streets. What happened during that time and who is the man taking Cough’s place? The movie shows the story which was not captured by the media of the time.

  • Tucker: The Man and His Dream

    The true story of Preston Tucker who, following the end of World War II, attempted to produce and sell the Tucker Sedan. His plan triggered a wave of conflicts among the big automotive manufacturers of that time.

  • Remember the Titans

    The true story of what happened during the first year of a racially integrated school unit in Washington DC when an African-American coach is appointed to train the students’ football team. He has to find a path not only to train a winning team but also to help his team overcome racial differences.

  • Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

    When a sheik dreams of bringing the fly-fishing sport to the desert, a fisheries expert is hired to bring water into the desert and a fishing sport to a land hostile to such activities.

  • Being There (1979)

    Being there is the comical story of Chance, a simple-minded gardener who, following the death of his employer, becomes a famous figure as his TV-stolen utterances are interpreted as profoundly philosophical statements.

  • The Ordinary People

    All employees of a pharmaceutical company are invited to participate in a gala party. Things take a downturn, however, when it is revealed that the entire event is just a massive training simulation for the managerial team.

  • Human Resources

    When Frank, a recent graduate, takes a management position at the same plant his father worked at for 30 years, he asks the workers for their opinion. Things take a downturn when management abuse the information to lay off employees. The matter takes a familial turn when conflict sparks between father and son.

  • Million Dollar Arm

    J.B. Bernstein, a sports agent, tries to rejuvenate his business by finding and training Indian cricket players to become professional baseball players in America. His ideas sparkle from reality shows and Indian cricket games he sees on TV.

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