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  • Design the New Business (2011)

    The evolving relationship between design and business is illustrated and discussed in insightful interviews and inspiring case studies.

  • Capitalism: A Love Story

    An examination of the social costs of corporate interests pursuing profits at the expense of the public good.

  • BBC Three:  Secrets of the Superbrands

    Big brands spear no efforts when it comes to advertising. They strategize, entice, make a hype, they throw celebrities and endorsements in the mix and wind up to the cult-like status they have today. However, the secret to their expansion may be a little more than meets the consumer’s eye.

  • BBC:  Who Gets the Best Jobs

    In a world as dynamic as ours, some things never change. Richard Bilton discovers that the rigid UK job market reserves the best opportunities for a happy few, lucky enough to have the appropriate heritage.

  • The Human Scale

    The documentary takes on a problematic issue with today’s expanding social environment. With an estimated 80% of the world’s population living in urban settings, by the year 2050, the way in which we build the world around us needs to get a more human approach.

  • Hans Rosling:  The Joy of Statistics

    Hans Roslings breaks reality down to a string of data, that decipher our past, present and future, all in an engaging trip through the joy of statistics.

  • BBC Horizon:  Monitor Me (2013)

    Dr Kevin Fong explores a medical revolution that promises to help us live longer, healthier lives. Inspired by the boom in health-related apps and gadgets, it is all about novel ways we can monitor ourselves around the clock.

  • BBC:  Precision the Measure of All Things

    Professor Marcus du Sautoy gives a guided tour through the practice of performance measurement, from lightning to heat and electricity. Follow his journey and get introduced to the concept of measurement, by one of the most prominent figure in today’s field of mathematics.

  • BBC Horizon:  The Age of Big Data (2013)

    This film by the BBC’s Horizon programme takes a look at how Big Data and analytics innovations are being applied in a number of disparate domains by: police department, medical researchers, financial traders, marketing firms.

  • BBC Documentary:  The Science of Chance

    Infection can take over the entire human body and if our immune systems aren’t strong enough we will die – in fact, infectious disease has regularly wiped out millions of people across the planet.

  • Pain, Pus & Poison – The Search for Modern Medicines 1: Pain

    The human body is an astute instrument, fine-tuned to identify potential threat and apt to counteract and heal. Endowed with the property to anesthetize and alleviate, the human mind is fascinatingly complex.

  • Pain, Pus & Poison – The Search for Modern Medicines 2: Pus

    One of the most prominent threats in the history of mankind has been disease. With millions of people affected by infections, worldwide, strengthening our immune system has become one of the most important topics in today’s medical research.

  • Pain, Pus & Poison – The Search for Modern Medicines 3: Poison

    People’s perception towards poison has changed drastically. Nowadays, poison is infused into our society, in various forms. From its killer potential in the natural world, to it being found in hospitals, pharmaceutics and cosmetics all around the world, poison plays a very active role in the world we live in.

  • The One Percent

    In this hard-hitting but humorous documentary, director Jamie Johnson takes the exploration of wealth that he began in Born Rich one step further. The One Percent, refers to the tiny percentage of Americans who control nearly half the wealth of the U.S.

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