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The theory and practice of performance measurement

Pietro Micheli, Luca Mari
Management Accounting Research

Assessing public sector performance and untangling the complexity of public performance measurement

Youngmin Oh, Carrie Blanchard Bush
International Review of Public Administration

The use of performance measurement systems in the public sector: Effects on performance

Roland F. Speklé, Frank H.M. Verbeeten
Management Accounting Research

Social Indicators in Corporate Sustainability Performance Measurement

Michael Kühnen, Rüdiger Hahn
Academy of Management

Precision the Measure of All Things

Professor Marcus du Sautoy gives a guided tour through the practice of performance measurement, from lightning to heat and electricity. Follow his journey and get introduced to the concept of measurement, by one of the most prominent figure in today’s field of mathematics.

The Joy of Statistics

Hans Roslings breaks reality down to a string of data, that decipher our past, present and future, all in an engaging trip through the joy of statistics.

The Age of Big Data

This film by the BBC’s Horizon programme takes a look at how Big Data and analytics innovations are being applied in a number of disparate domains by: police department, medical researchers, financial traders, marketing firms.

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Tucker: The Man and His Dream

The true story of Preston Tucker who, following the end of World War II, attempted to produce and sell the Tucker Sedan. His plan triggered a wave of conflicts among the big automotive manufacturers of that time.

Viaggio Sola

“Viaggio Sola”, or “I Travel Alone” reveals the splendor and glamour of the most exclusive hotels worldwide together with the dedication and attention to detail needed to create such a hotel prestige.

Remember the Titans

The true story of what happened during the first year of a racially integrated school unit in Washington DC when an African-American coach is appointed to train the students’ football team. He has to find a path not only to train a winning team but also to help his team overcome racial differences.

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